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How can Resource help?

In the next 24 hours, deforestation will release as much CO2 into the atmosphere as 8 million people flying from London to New York. That’s about 100 acres cleared every minute - burnt or logged to create unsustainable farmland.
That’s why we are donating 10% of the profits from the sale of Resource coffee beans including triple certified coffee beans towards the purchase and sustainable management of endangered rainforest.

Cool EarthWith your money, Cool Earth secures threatened rainforest. Some of the money is put into a local trust to help protect it around the clock. Local people are employed to do the work, helping them to get income from the forest without cutting it down.

Every acre of rainforest we save locks in an average of 260 tonnes of carbon dioxide, preventing it from being distributed into the atmosphere and making a huge contribution to the reduction of global warming.
Resource bottled water can reduce your carbon footprint
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